Cheshmeh Noor

About Us

Cheshmeh Noor Derakhshan Company (Chenco), one of the oldest and largest decorative light manufacturers in Iran, was founded in 1995. Ever since, our mission has always been to provide innovative, inspiring, and luxurious designs that cannot be found anywhere else. We were also one of the first e-commerce sites in Iran to start selling decorative lights online.
But the story of Cheshmeh Noor Derakhshan's products export is...
One day we thought that Iranian arts and crafts deserved to be placed and showcased in other countries and cultures as well. And now that our domestic customers are satisfied with the lighting products, why can't people from other countries benefit from these products and add them to the decoration of their homes?
To achieve this goal, Cheshmeh Noor Derakhshan Company, in its first and most important step, aimed at and succeeded in receiving the CE standard, which has put it in a superior position to other competitors in this field.

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